Self Care

Self-Care is a term used to include all the actions taken by people to recognise, treat and manage their own health. Please click on some of the more common conditions below to download advice and guidance;

Coughs and Colds (PDF, 243KB)

Hayfever (PDF, 226KB)

Pain (PDF, 302KB)

Piles (PDF, 228KB)



Further information and advice can be found on Walsall CCG's website

Walsall CCG have also adopted new guidelines on the restriction of prescribing certain medicines:

Paracetamol and Ibuprofen

Birchills Health Centre has recently adapted these guidelines produced by Walsall CCG which aims to restrict the prescribing of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen products for short term use that can be bought at a reasonable cost over the counter. If this guideline is followed it will result in:

  • Reduced patient reliance on prescribers for prescriptions
  • Reduced consultations for minor, self-limiting conditions
  • Increased patient self-reliance for minor conditions.

Funding of medicines available to purchase to treat self-limiting conditions and minor ailments and self-care is a personal responsibility.

If you would like to read more you can download this document: Paracetamol and Ibuprofen Selfcare Guideline (PDF, 189KB)

Vitamin D – We have recently adapted the guidelines produced by Walsall CCG on prescribing Vitamin D for daily supplementation.

UPDATE - NOVEMBER 2020: To read the new government guidelines, CLICK HERE. After you have read the information, you can APPLY HERE.

The Department of Health recommends vitamin D supplementation in certain high risk adult groups in order to prevent Vitamin D deficiency.

  • Funding of vitamin D supplements to protect and maintain bone, teeth and muscle health and for long term maintenance is a personal responsibility
  • Vitamin D is readily available to purchase in pharmacies, health food shops and supermarkets at a far lower cost than on prescription
  • It is expected that patients will purchase such supplements
  • Community pharmacists or other healthcare professionals are able to advise on suitable vitamin D products
  • For good sources of vitamin D, please visit NHS Choices website click here:
  • NB: *Pregnant /breastfeeding women may be eligible to obtain vitamins free of charge as part of the Healthy Start Scheme. Further information on the eligibility criteria can be found at

This does not affect GP prescribing of high-dose Vitamin D preparations that are not available over the counter.

Birchills Health Centre will be working in line with the above guidance to promote self-care and will try to reduce the prescribing of these medicines.

For any questions or concerns about this guidance please get in touch.

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